Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hey guys and gals!!!

Long time no update! hehe!!!
Don't really know what to say to be honest... I havn't really been up to much...
Olivia is now 3! I can't beleive how quick the time is passing!
I have started dieting now... Excercising all the time... Swimming, training... everything! hehe!!!
right - going on to the store!
We are having a 60% sale until the 7th May! I know i am very late with this advert, but i have been extremely busy! excercising and stuff! lol

Here is the advert!

I also have a couple of new kits in the store too!

This one is called Love At First Sight! Full of hearts and flowers! Hope ya'll like it! if you do, go and get it here!

You can find all my stuff here!

I will certainly try to update my blog at least every couple of days, sorry for the neglect! :)

Off out swimming again tonite with my lovely sister! WOOHOO!!! lol

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

new pages again!

I am LOVING Jaelop Designs atm!!! Her kits are just STUNNING!!!
Here is a page i have just made today using her kit, Spring Feast...

And another one using Dancing in the Rain

And another using Praise the Lord

Monday, 16 March 2009

New Pages!

In Love

I absolutely Love this kit! It is by Jaelop Designs and is called Love hearts! She makes some beautiful kits! Absolutely Love it!!!!

Olivia - Rainbow

Now This is just a gorgeous kit, called Kids Nature! I absolutely adore it! I got some great inspirations from other peoples pages shown on Jaelop's blog.

Sweet Love

LivvieBon n Nanna